SILVERCAR Rental Cars at Los Angeles Airport

SILVERCAR Car Rental at Los Angeles Airport
SILVERCAR Car Rental at Los Angeles Airport
Car Hire Companies at Los Angeles Airport

SILVERCAR Car Rental Services at Los Angeles Airport

When you arrive at Los Angeles Airport, please remember to collect your entire luggage from the baggage claim area before proceeding to exit the arrivals terminal. There are many car rental companies available at the airport, although they are all located off-site. When renting with Silvercar just place a call or a text to the number listed below upon your arrival. You will receive a confirmation text message with instructions on where to go and a concierge will meet you there.

Helpful information when renting a Silvercar vehicle at Los Angeles Airport

Silvercar provides a free app for registering and keeping track on information that is good to know about renting a vehicle with them.

Silvercar drivers must be at least 22 years of age. Silvercar validates all driver’s licenses on their first rental occasion and until your license changes after that you will not have to go through this step on subsequent rental occasions.

Additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement at the time of pick up. The driver has to be present and meet all requirements. There is no fee for adding additional drivers to the rental agreement.

Returning your rented Silvercar to Los Angeles Airport

Once it is time to return your Silvercar simply open up the Silvercar app and follow the directions and instructions provided there. Remember to remove your belongings from the car before returning it. A Silvercar concierge will make sure to return you to the airport.

Silvercar at LAX is open 05.00-23.00.

For more information please contact Silvercar on +1 (310) 846-9072.

Where is the SILVERCAR Rental Desk at Los Angeles Airport?

Let us know you’ve arrived by calling or texting (310) 846-9072. You’ll know your concierge is on the way once you receive a confirmation text. Grab your bags and call or text (310) 846-9072 for detailed instructions.

Map of SILVERCAR rental desk at Los Angeles Airport

What are SILVERCAR Opening Hours at Los Angeles Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 07:00 20:59
Tuesday 07:00 20:59
Wednesday 07:00 20:59
Thursday 07:00 20:59
Friday 07:00 20:59
Saturday 07:00 20:59
Sunday 07:00 20:59

The SILVERCAR Rental Desk at Los Angeles Airport is located at:

Tel: 1 (310) 846-9072, 1 (855) 359-2227

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